Sophia Marie understands personal style and finds no greater joy than
to help someone find theirs.
Sophia works with both men and women in any professional field, all age groups and many lifestyles.
Her goal is to help them improve their wardrobe, performance and life.
She travels throughout San Francisco as well as other destinations around the world to
observe, meet and engage with other people about their needs and interests.
By communicating and listening, Sophia will be able to coordinate whatever styling session will work best for you.
Your fashion questions will be answered. Your styling, and wardrobe needs will be met.
More about the individual styling sessions below.
More about Sophia Marie here : About the Stylist


Styling Session Details Below





» Closet Curation / Building a Better Wardrobe «

Have a closet full of clothes, yet feel like you have nothing to wear?
Well, here I will help you to discover and refine
your personal style, overhaul your closet
and teach you how to shop in a smarter, more thoughtful way.
We will set style goals through
reviewing and organizing your current situation.
 Through a personal consultation, your goals will be voiced.
I will then teach you how to identify which styles
work best with your body type and silhouette.
This involves visualizing and understanding your fit,
learning about a garments quality, understanding the top trends
and knowing when and where to spend your money. 
Quality > Quantity. 
Inspiration board's are used frequently as
a tool throughout the styling process.
If you would like to clear up space, there is an option of a closet detox. 
We will see what works and what doesn’t.
We can also find new ways to style your current wardrobe
based on current trends, either virtually or in person.
By either tossing, tailoring, or buying we will be able to 
create your signature style.
Most importantly we will build a wardrobe that
fits YOUR personal life.
We will shop based on your budget, through
cost – effective shopping techniques
San Francisco itself offers a broad array of fabulous vintage shops.
For those on a budget or looking for a creative, well made,
classic piece these stores are my favorite.
I will introduce you to my favorite go-to spots.
We could save time and money by 
taking your older items to consignment shops
so that you save time and get the best value. 
You’ll finish this process with a photo Lookbook that visually
showcases your new closet and the new you!
We will design a visual catalog of your new head-to-toe ensembles
that will document how all the pieces in your wardrobe mix together flawlessly.

» Branding for your Perfect Photoshoot «

I have experience with working with photographers,
establishing the mood and creating a brand.
This option will be perfect if you need to establish a brand,
enhance your credibility and get camera ready.
Whether it’s a fashion shoot, work portrait or simply a family portrait
 I can help you find the right clothing.
For those who are shy in front of the camera, I could also show
you how to pose for your body-type so that
you get the look you want in your photos.
I also can source out a photographer to suit your needs.


» Virtual Styling «

Virtual styling can be done from the convenience of your own home, or on the go.
This can be done through video chat
via the fashion app Chicly
You will able to show me your closet, and voice your needs virtually.
You can be anywhere in the world, just as long as you have good wi-fi.
Whatever is easiest for for you, just let me know!

                                                                        SPECIAL OCCASIONS FASHION STYLIST



Treat yourself to event specific styling for those special occasions!
VIP gatherings can include a high school reunion, holiday party,
birthday, Halloween, benefit parties, interviews and corporate job affairs.
We’ll start by discussing the venue, your typical style and how
you want to feel during this moment.
Let me help you find a complete head to toe look
that will allow you to shine with amazing confidence!
I could also connect you with makeup and hair services.
This can be done in person or through our virtual styling sessions.


» DATE NIGHT  (Girlfriends or your Boyfriends) «

Together with or without the partners we can prepare for any occasion.
This is ideal for reunions, birthday parties, weddings and bachelorettes.
As a group or just for you, I can accommodate your needs.



Not sure what to pack on your dream vacation?
Wondering how to gain multiple outfits from very few items?
Worried about what to wear at a specific location?
I can assess what’s in your closet and pick
a series of looks that complement the specific itinerary.
I can also find you the few missing pieces quickly and affordably.
Not to worry, we can organize all of it in with
minimal amount of luggage. No overweight suitcases here!



Complete style doesn’t stop with your wardrobe.
Really want to showcase your new wardrobe
with an even more WOW factor?
Everyone loves to update their looks
and with my list of contacts in the beauty industry
I could help you do just that!
I work with you, by sourcing your inspiration for a new look,
to achieve the dream you!
Our hair stylist, can teach you how to style your new do
and find products that suit your hair type.
Along with the makeup artists 
we can suggest how to apply makeup 
and also suggest items that will suit your skin.



23Mens Flat Lay







After an honest consultation
we will be able to find your needs and desires.
I’ll take a thorough look at what you already own
and work with you on what to keep and what
to throw away,
virtually or in person.
At the end of the session, you’ll have strategic shopping
list that will complement your lifestyle plus
achieve your wardrobe goals.




When finding your personal style,
I’ll source the right store for you and
present a selection of clothes that fit
your lifestyle and body perfectly.
We can arrange for a tailor fit, to really know your true size.
All the purchase decisions will be based on your needs.
I will accommodate based on your budget.




You will never have to worry about what you should wear again!
I will put together for you a
personalized visual catalog of all your outfits
from your upgraded wardrobe.
I will show you what pieces work together
 and answer all your questions.

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Imagine a closet filled with clothing that looks great on you, works together, and takes you everywhere you need to go.

Make it a reality with these services.